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Using the internet to manage your family’s finance

The effectiveness of managing family finances has never been more significant, as parents struggle to find a balance between work and family life. A recent study by Mother and Baby magazine has found that new parents are getting less sleep than previous generations, with new mums struggling to manage their exhaustion.

Whilst there is no technological solution to sleepless nights as yet, it is possible to assign many tasks which were once only possible through physical movement, to the internet, such as shopping and banking. No longer do you have to worry about co-ordinating the demands of screaming children with your weekly shopping list or about missing the bank at 5:01pm. Whatever issues you may face with your child, there are plenty of websites collating advice from parents around the world, such as and

There are websites such as offering financial advice and support, and financial comparison sites such as, which ensure that parents can always find the best deal for their finances, including credit cards, loans, mortgage, life insurance, house insurance, car insurance and the children’s savings accounts. Many personal finance sites including moneynet also offer “account aggregation” tools, which allow parents (and non parents!) to manage all of their finances online, including current accounts, savings accounts, loans and credit cards. If you think your household bills are too high, can provide you with a comparison of providers for gas & electricity, water and household communications.

And if that all seems a little too practical, take some time out for a little light relief with This website offers a wealth of information about how to extract useful information from the internet, as well as providing more random suggestions such as the science of online games, “design a structure of copper coins” and even the world’s most calorific sandwich.
About Rachel: Rachel writes for the personal finance blog Cashzilla: Cashzilla is a personalfinanosaurus. “Rachel” means sheep in Hebrew: “little lamb” or “one with purity”. Cashzilla means financially savvy with great fiery ferocity.

usage Internet of among household now go up enough significan. This is true marked at the price of from a computer or laptop and also netbook which go down the drastic this time. This make each;every household can to have the computer by yourself at home masing masing. usage Computer for the memanage of family finance is very rare conducted. This article is very good to we use to our family is masing masing. Sure when we use the technology which have been written in this article, can make the us can be better again. Can control all result which we earn, without needing we hide one another. It is true this require to be accustomed, but with the existence of this program can make the us can more watching all activity of finance us making us can live more regular. This regularity need to a family requiring peacefulness. More than anything else which we look for this world besides peacefulness for us all. With the growth internet this time, activity finance even also earn the us conduct from home. Existence of internet banking, sms banking make our life is better again. Nothing like existing resistance, so long as us will to try to to make something better again. Nothing like resistance for the koneksi of our own internet. There no also resistance [of] if us will to learn to to use the existing technology. Technological this ought to make the better us again, non making us more and more the bingun. But its principle only one, so long as us will to try, hence all that we rencanankan can more structure. All effort which have expanded is surely started with the first step which have been done / conducted bravely by people tsb. Its problem [is] there any us will to learn will be this technological, so that make the us can be easier do / conduct all worthwhile activity for us all. More advantage we to earn when we feel that this is technology assisting we make better again. situation of world Finance in this time making us often khwatir, good is problem of house, house insurance, car insurance, mortgage, this make the us is worrying out each other to solve problem that happened. But if us will try, hence all road;street will open to predict. We will melangkah for the melakakannya of for the life of our own with all of us family.

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