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Friday, February 27, 2009

Behind The Success Story of Royston James Associates

James Nicholls
There are the strong linkages between personality and company reputation and its identified ways to improve and protect both. Most of us would agree that personality reputation are the guardians of company reputation. A good company reputation comes from a good personalty reputation.
James Nicholls is the Founder and Director of Royston James Associates, a Head-Hunting and Recruitment specialist working alongside the Top 100 Agencies and High Profile End Users across the Digital Marketing Sphere. At his middle age he run a dedicated team of high calibre and experienced recruitment consultants.

Having its headquartered in Surrey, between London and Gatwick, Royston James Associates delivery capability reaches across the UK and Europe, enabling the identification of local resource and market expertise wherever possible. He realize that both clients and candidates are his lifeblood and he believe the company exist to provide that necessary link between untapped resource and quality client requirement. Royston James Associates aim is to facilitate this process with all parties involved, with the minimum of aggravation, whilst maximising the return on time and money invested. This opportunities used by James and makes the company is different from other agents.

His success story of founding Royston James Associates is not far from his life story. Having 13 GCSES A-B, 3 A-Levels A-C, BA Honours in Chemistry and Business at Kingston University and Computer People from Varioys Winners Trips at Top 10 Sales Person. James has worked in various company within recruitment, IT and marketing recruitment. His working experience added with his qualification lead him make Royston James Associates and want to service the market in the correct way through it.

Behind his professional side, James is a passionate individual that likes to experience what life has to offer in any form. Being successful is very important to him as it is in his family, but achievement is paramount to just making money. Balance life by become a relaxed individual and likes to see the best in people, which is not always possible across the business world.

In his leisure time, James like sports much whether it be watching or participating. He would like to travel extensively and experience everything that different cultures have to offer. New cultures and ways of living interest him and he likes to take positives from as many areas as possible. He feels the world is a big place and there is so much to see.

James inspiring us how to be a successful people by learning and hard working. People would be admire him because his good reputation in running company and his personality as well because reputation is important that tell us the story.
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