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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Motorola MC5590
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Motorola has recently announced the introduction of yet another line of devices that fits into the company's EDA (Enterprise Digital Assistants) family, the MC55. The new business handhelds come with Windows Mobile 6.1 and have been rugged so as to be able to withstand drops on the floor or accidental spills of fluids.
Among the devices included in the line we can spot the MC5590, a product that features Wi-Fi connectivity, as well as VoIP capabilities. In addition, it is also reported to include a 2.5G GSM modem, which is able to work on both AT&T and T-Mobile networks. The device should be already familiar to users, as it has already been on sale for quite a while now.

The MC5574 is another handset that comes with the new Motorola line, which is a new device. This product, as is the case with the MC5590, features a QWERTY keyboard, with models that have been specifically designed for Germany or France. At the same time, it seems that the handset can also be packed with a laser bar code scanner or a 2D one, as well as with a 2-megapixel color camera with a bar code scanner.

Motorola MC5574
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The devices are powered by 520 Mhz processors and sport a 3.5" touchscreen that can deliver a 320x240 pixel resolution. In addition, they also include a MicroSD memory card slot and Bluetooth connectivity, and can provide users with about six hours of talk time. Moreover, the company also offers a comprehensive service and support package that covers accidental breakage.

Furthermore, Motorola's EDA line includes the MC75, MC70, MC9090 and MC35, and now the MC55 handsets. The new devices are more affordable than MC75, which is the top of the line, yet they do not feature 3G capabilities or the VGA screen available on MC75. At the same time, the new products seem to be faster than the MC35, which is cheaper.

The MC55 is priced at $1695-$2035, yet the device is expected to cost much less, given the fact that it is usually sold as part of large enterprise bulk purchase deals, with high discounts. The company has announced that the full line will start shipping by the end of the month.
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